The Koster Oil Removal System is proven to safely clean and encapsulate even the most contaminated concrete slabs.

The ORS system comes with a 15yr warranty so you can safely proceed with your next flooring project with peace of mind.

ORS System Description

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Oil Removal System

Koster ORS D is a special cleaning detergent used in conjunction with KOSTER VAP 1 2000 FS to remove hydrocarbons such as oil, grease, fat, hydraulic fluid, etc. from concrete substrates.

Koster ORS C is an oil resistant primer coating which is to be applied in conjunction with KOSTER ORS D to coat concrete slabs contaminated with oil based hydrocarbons. KOSTER ORS C is a 2-component, VOC compliant, low viscosity, high solids epoxy that cures in about 12 hours.