"To the countless men and women who poured their heart and soul into providing such a beautiful new space for our babies to heal and grow we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude. On behalf of the whole NICU team and our future tiny patients and their families, thank-you for your commitment to expert craftsmanship to make our space the best it can be. I have had so many compliments on the beauty of the space and it was all of you, with your individual contributions that helped it all come together. While I do not know you individually please know how much your work is appreciated and will be for years to come."

Sarah Currie RNC, MSN, NEA-BC


 “These guys are doing an awesome job. They are all very easy to work with and are super cooperative. The floor looks great as well. I am happy at this point for sure.”

Scott Piper


“We are always available to become a reference site for other ICT potential customers.”

Ben Rubino


“To reiterate what Ben said, GREAT JOB!! Looks fantastic...”

Tim Kilbride

“BTW: The floor looks great.”

Joe Scott


Great Tom, Thanks. The tile looks fantastic – lots of compliments.”

Jeff Springer


“Copied above is Tom’s e-mail. He has been our sole provider for the 3M series 8400 ESD flooring in several facilities.”

Tom Carr


“Floors looked awesome as usual!!!!”

Chris Diiorio


“Thanks for making the schedule work and working around all the obstacles.”

Jeff Sluiter


“You guys did a great job. It is really nice working with ICT.”

Hunter Adams


“It went very well. Ron Nielson did an excellent job. He is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to other clients.”

Mike Tilotta


“I couldn’t speak more highly of Tom and his team at ICT. They did an outstanding job for us.”

Johnny Smith


“I wasn’t here for the previous project, but the quality of your work and durability of the product make you the single source.”

Kent Tretheway


“I am extremely pleased with the whole process – quote to clean-up. ICT was extremely professional to work with and will recommend them for our other flooring projects in the near future.”

Mike Siegler


“We have really been pleased with the performance of our 3M tile. We are too pleased with the 8400 to change.”

Nick Harris


“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to each of you who attended the meeting this morning at the job site to review the Koester system. All of your help in providing me with information and technical support clearly expedited this meeting and that made the decision to utilize this product an easy one. Please accept my ‘Thank You’ for being a team player throughout this process. I look forward to working with you and swiftly completing this project.”

Kevin Ott


“Job looks great. Thanks for the lead time reminder.”

Dick Borisch


“GMI operates as an Electronic Mfg. Services Co....We have ~ 45k feet of conductive tile in our operational areas....We added on 12k feet last year and went with ICT and 3M’s conductive tile... The other 33k feet has conductive tile from several different manufacturers... Next month, we are having ICT replace 10k of Armstrong conductive tile with 3M tile... There is no comparison in the quality of the other brands we have had and the quality of the 3m tile installed by ICT... You may pay a little higher price for the 3M, but your overall cost will be much better with the 3m tile long term... We have had zero issues with the 3M tile, and we operate a forklift on the 3M tile... We could never do that on the other brands.”

“The performance of the 3M tile and the quality of the service from ICT has exceeded our expectations. Ask for Ron Nielson to do the install... that guy is amazing... With Dennis managing your project and Ron doing the install, you will be pleased... We are opening an operation in Costa Rica this year and ICT will be doing our conductive tile.”

“If I can answer any questions you may have please feel free to give me a call... You are welcome to come to Mooresville and take a look at how superior the ICT installed 3M tile looks compared to other installer/brand combinations.”

Nick Harris


“On behalf of the ownership and associates of GMI, I just wanted to say thank you for another successful 3M conductive tile installation...You guys did a great job...And I can’t say enough about Ron’s installation....That fellow is fricken amazing...Ralf is still working on getting this project wrapped up and we have made it through this project with minimal disruption to our operations...That aspect of the project was critical.”

Nick Harris


“Okay thanks...Ron did his usual great job...That dude is amazing...We continue to value our relationship with ICT...You guys have a great weekend.”

Nick Harris


“Our forklift driver accidently hooked her forks on our new hall tile. The tiles came up, but the glue held, ripping up the concrete!”

Dick Borisch


“We are pleased with the floor and the service and look forward to Tom’s visit in a couple weeks.”

Cory Steeby