IFS provides training for various forensic testing methods following the latest ASTM standards.

Why should I do any testing at all?

This is a common question that many applicators ask us. Usually the answer comes when a problem has manifested itself on a just completed floor-coating project. In the litigious atmosphere in today's floor contracting world the better question would be "why would I not test?" Testing is a way the applicator can take a "snapshot" of the condition, content and make-up of the concrete about to be coated. By testing for various constituents, or contaminates in the concrete, the applicator is making sure that the concrete to be coated is in fact sound and in a condition that will allow for the application of coatings. (I.e. adhesion or bonding issues, silicates, weak cap, ASR, ect). With the information that the testing will reveal, the applicator is better armed to be pro-active with potential problems or any additional work that may be necessary to successfully complete the project. Koester American Corp. strongly suggests testing be conducted to protect the applicator, subsequent coatings manufacturers, the facility owner, and to validate our 10-year warranty.