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KOSTER 2 IN 1 is a fast reacting foam for the short term sealing of leaks as well as an elastic solid resin for the permanent sealing of cracks. KOSTER 2 IN 1 unites two resins in one product. It is free of solvents and is resistant to hydrolysis. Because KOSTER 2 IN 1 does not react aggressively when coming into contact with steel or iron, a corrosion protection is achieved. When KOSTER 2 IN 1 resin comes into contact with water, it reacts to form a highly elastic foam. When KOSTER 2 IN 1 resin is injected under dry conditions, it reacts to form a solid body elastic resin. KOSTER 2 IN 1 remains permanently elastic after reacting. It is therefore able to follow crack movements and seal cracks permanently with an elastic polyurethane solid resin without necessitating follow-up injections. 

Koster Crisin 76 is a very low viscosity synthetic resin for waterproofing against rising damp (wicking moisture) even in case of high moisture and salt contents in the masonry. Due to its very low density and its surface tension which is considerably lower than that of water, KOSTER Crisin 76 displaces water from the capillaries. After full cure, KOSTER Crisin 76 remains elastic and does not rot. Density: 6.34 lb/gal, viscosity 1.2 cps. KOSTER Crisin 76 is resistant to all aggressive media which are usually encountered in masonry such as acids, alkalis and salts, during application as well as after full cure. Tested according to WTA guidelines. Together with KOSTER Restoration Plasters it is suitable for the restoration of masonry.

KOSTER Deuxan Professional is a two-component, polystyrene-foam-free, fiber-containing, polymer modified bitumen thick film sealant for safe waterproofing of building structures according to DIN 18195, part 4-6. The coating bridges cracks in the substrate safely and is resistant to pressurized water. KOSTER Deuxan Professional is especially suited to be applied with spraying machines.


KÖSTER Façade Cream is a high-grade façade impregnation for brick, natural stone and mineral renders. Due to its high resistance against alkalinity it is also suited for application to fresh mineral substrates. The creamy, stable consistency and the resulting processibility with brush or roller reduces the drip or spraying losses to a minimum.


KOSTER IN 1 is a polyurethane prepolymer used with 10% catalyst. The system is single component, meaning it reacts when coming into contact with water and forms a waterproof polyurethane foam. KOSTER IN 1 is solvent and filler-free, resistant to hydrolysis and is suitable for use in potable water areas. When the mixed material comes into contact with water it reacts to form a fine-pored, closed cell foam, which stops and displaces the water.


KOSTER IN 7 is a polyurethane prepolymer used with 10% catalyst. The product is single component, meaning it reacts when coming into contact with water and forms a compact, visoplastic waterproof polyurethane foam. KOSTER IN 7 remains viscoplastic after reacting and is thus able to follow crack movements and to seal permanently without the necessity of subsequent injections with an elastic polyurethane massive resin. KOSTER IN 7 is solvent-free and resistant to hydrolysis.

KOSTER Joint Sealant FS-H is an elastic, polysulphidebased, joint sealant used to seal joints in horizontal areas. When fully cured, KOSTER Joint Sealant FS-H is a rubber-elastic sealant with a high mechanical load capacity, good resistance to ground water, sea water, salt solutions, benzenes and mineral oils; it resists roots and does not rot.

KOSTER Joint Sealant FS-V is a flexible stiff / creamy polysulphide based joint sealant. When fully cured, KOSTER Joint Sealant FS-V is a rubber-elastic sealant with a high mechanical load capacity, good resistance to water, sea water, salt solutions, benzenes and mineral oils; it resists roots, does not rot and has very good retraction capabilities.

KOSTER KB-Flex 200 is a permanently plastic waterproofing compound for sealing pipe penetrations, cavities, etc., against moisture and/or pressurized water. It remains permanently pliable and adheres very well to dry or slightly moist substrates.

KOSTER KB-Pox IN is a solvent free, 2 component low viscous epoxy resin for crack injection. KOSTER KB-Pox IN does not contain any fillers or softeners and thereby sedimentation is avoided. Due to its high rate of penetration into porous substrates and its excellent adhesion to concrete, stone, masonry and metal, KOSTER KB-Pox IN permanently seals and bridges cracks and joints and restores structural integrity.

KOSTER KB-Pur Gel is a solvent-free, water activated polyurethane gel that is NSF approved for use in drinking water environments. Depending on the amount of water added, a highly elastic, waterproof, foam-hydro-gel is formed. Even after dilutions up to 1:10, the material is still resistant to pressurized water. It does not contain free isocyanides and is chemically stable after reacting. It does not contribute to corrosion and does not emit groundwater polluting substances.

Koster KD 2 Blitz Powder is a highly reactive fast setting cementitious product. With application of the dry powder, active water leaks are sealed within a few seconds. Used in combination with KOSTER KD 1 Base and KOSTER KD 3 Sealer for the negative side waterproofing of cementitious surfaces such as internal basement waterproofing. The KOSTER KD System stops flowing water and forms a permanent waterproofing layer on masonry and concrete.

Koster NB 1 Grey is a watertight (> 400 ft water head) cementitious waterproofing with subsequently crystallizing agents. Suitable for positive side and negative side waterproofing. A waterproofing made of KOSTER NB 1 Grey possesses excellent pressure and abrasion resistance.  For area waterproofing in new construction and restoration, e.g. waterproofing of basements and tanks.

KOSTER NB 2 White is a white cementitious coating which may be used for waterproofing against ground moisture, non-pressurized or pressurized water. Waterproofing undertaken with KOSTER NB 2 White has excellent resistance to water pressure and abrasion as well as excellent resistance to chemicals. KOSTER NB 2 White should only be applied on building structures where crack development is not expected.

KOSTER NB Elastic Grey is a light-colored, waterproof, elastic, wear-resistant coating with excellent adhesion to all cementitious and masonry substrates. The material can bridge cracks up to a width of 40 mils, is abrasion resistant and resistant to concrete corroding water such as dilute acids and alkalis. It possesses a good UVresistance and is radon-proof.

KOSTER Waterstop is a fast curing, expanding plug and repair mortar. Through fast curing and expansion of the curing mortar, a tight bond between the existing substrate and the mortar is achieved. This allows pressurized leaks and leaking cracks to be sealed fast.